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Multiplastics will take your money, screw up your project and deliver nothing.
This site was designed specifically to prevent others from being ripped off like we were from Multiplastics.

Here is their address:

Their Web site is

Here is a brief history of the company and their alleged capabilities from their web site.

Here is our story:
We are a manufacturing company that was seeking  a plastic part needed for our products.

We contacted Multiplastics to get a price and to have a plastic mold made for them to produce this part.

We met with the company president Deborah Waddell and her manager Paul Spiers, both of which have the personality of a dried apricot. During our meeting they assured us that they would have no problem creating the mold and supplying the product.

They lied.
We were asked to put down a hefty amount of money in order to get the project started. We did.

After several months of poor communication ( I have dealt with many, many companies in my life and Multiplastics by far has the worst communication of anyone I have ever dealt with….ever) they were able to show us a part from this very expensive mold they had produced.

Guess what….the part was structurally unsound, built upside down and the wrong way. That’s right…..the part was built upside down. My best guess is that their “engineer”  screwed up big time.

Here is Deborah Waddell - Company President, holding what appers to be someone's plastic part.
( Probably incorrectly molded and up-side down! )


I’ll throw in another blurb from their own website:

You will notice it says” Design and Engineering assistance with product design for manufacturing”
Let me tell you that this statement has got to be the furthest from the truth.  Unless of course your happy with a flimsy upside down part.
Any way…rather upset with the entire situation we requested they prepare a new mold that was built correctly.  Their answer….you will need to purchase a new mold …so fork up more dough.
Now wait a minute…

I’m no rocket scientist but I know that if you manufacture the part wrong, I probably shouldn't be responsible to pay for another mold. Especially when you screwed it up.  Just makes sense doesn't it??  Not to Multiplastics. I then asked for a full refund of my initial money given to them (many thousands of dollars).  Still a big no.  ( my personal opinion is they may be in some financial difficulties).

So….we are now at a cross roads where we are in the process of having to sue Multiplastics.

Stay tuned to this site as we will begin posting all the legal stuff as soon it becomes available.

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